We are what we eat

Pet Grubs was formed by a group of good friends who are also pet enthusiasts. We have your beloved pets' best interest in mind as serious attention was put into sourcing for only good quality pets feed and products. We strive to provide the highest quality food grade ingredients coupled with up-to-date feed formulation and technological processing methods applied in the field of veterinary feed to ensure maximal delivery of essential nutrients to pets.

It is scientifically proven that only well-nourished pets will be at their tip-top condition in terms of health, physical appearance, physiological motor and coordination as well as emotional well-being. We believe in the popular motto that "we are what we eat" and thus hope to apply this principle to the field of pet feed as well.

As we have just started venturing into the pet feed industry, your valuable feedbacks are very much appreciated. Do not hesitate to contact us as we love to hear from you. Please join us in promoting better health for pets.

Dogs Love TTS


"MARY becomes possesive with her TTS as soon as we fed it to her." - Ayumi

"SAKURA generally doesn’t show any interest in chews. But she did with TTS, and ate it with great pleasure." - Yuki

"At first, MARRON was hesitating, smelling it for a while when I fed him with TTS. But he ate with joy afterwards." - Hoshiyo

"While SHIRO was waiting he was restless. TTS made SHIRO very excited. As soon as I gave him TTS, he holds it with his front paws and ate with delight. Feeding SHIRO with TTS will be one of my daily pleasures from now on." - Makiyo

"GOEMON finished TTS in no time with great joy. It looks easy to chew on because it is not so hard for my dog." - Takumi

"TTS is a wonderful treat for dogs because I can feel the love the manufacturer put into producing it." - Momoco

"TARO enjoys chewing TTS all the time. I was just wondering whether his green stool comes from the chlorophyll effects. Very satisfied! Everyday with TTS. Wow!" - Yoshi